The Problem With Vegans (Dr Shaym Response)

YouTuber Dr Shaym reckons he has the answer to the eternal question – what is wrong with vegans and vegetarians? I have other thoughts. This week I go on a bit of a rant about the video in question, and what the success of channels like this mean for the rest of the internet.

Yogurt Prevents Heart Attacks?!

Another day, another Daily Mail article to smash. Here we go; The offending article –  

So…I’m giving my first talk.

So yeah, I’m pretty nervous. The talk I’ll be giving is all about the science behind our place as herbivores in nature. Should be pretty funny and laid back, but as someone who gets a bit ‘wobbly’ in front of crowds…this could get interesting. Any way, if you’re in the Hull area, swing by and…

ZDogg MD Response

You know ZDogg? Right? No, me neither. But this week he came out swinging against 2017 documentary What The Health. Well, he actually attacked those responsible for making the film, as well the medical professionals whose research backs the movie up. I responded.

600% More Vegans?!

How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb? I’m still crunching the numbers on that, but the good news is we have plenty more vegans to work through! A new study shows that there are are 600% more vegans in the US.

PETA vs Nintendo?!

So PETA came out swinging against Nintendo recently concerning a game on the Switch; Ben investigates.

Simple Bengal Curry

This week on Food Fridays with Keeper Vegan we made a really tasty vegan Indian curry using the fragrant flavours of East India. This isn’t a spicy one, but it is very flavourful, and really tasty. TURMERIC WARNING – This recipe contains turmeric, which is delicious but will stain whatever it can get its devious…

Food Friday – Vegan Green Pesto

Doesn’t it just suck that green pesto usually has cheese in it? It’s so easy to cook, and great in salads and pasta dishes galore. Well, I got your back friend. This pesto is so easy to make, you should be punished after making it. Wait, that sounded way kinkier than I meant. You will need;…

Running with Vegans

Today, Ben explains why he is personally vegan, whilst finding a new jogging route through Hull.