FebruDairy – a PR Disaster

What happens when the dairy industry tries to fight back with their own rendition of Veganuary? Another fantastic month for veganism, that’s what. Less science today, but a chance to do a happy video, so I’ll take it.

So…I’m giving my first talk.

So yeah, I’m pretty nervous. The talk I’ll be giving is all about the science behind our place as herbivores in nature. Should be pretty funny and laid back, but as someone who gets a bit ‘wobbly’ in front of crowds…this could get interesting. Any way, if you’re in the Hull area, swing by and…

Milk Labelled INHUMANE by UK Standards Agency?!

Holy shit, big news guys. I’m still ill. Holy shit, even bigger news guys. Cow’s milk has just been defined as ‘inhumane’ by the ASA. Sort of. Check out today’s show to find out more!

600% More Vegans?!

How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb? I’m still crunching the numbers on that, but the good news is we have plenty more vegans to work through! A new study shows that there are are 600% more vegans in the US.

The Three John Scotts (Wetherspoons), Hull

So, last night we went to our local Wetherspoons, The Three John Scotts, in here Hull City Centre. The last time we went to eat at a Spoons as vegans was back in Milton Keynes, and the experience was pretty depressing; we had the chickpea curry, and it came out cold, bland and although I…