So…I’m giving my first talk.

So yeah, I’m pretty nervous. The talk I’ll be giving is all about the science behind our place as herbivores in nature. Should be pretty funny and laid back, but as someone who gets a bit ‘wobbly’ in front of crowds…this could get interesting. Any way, if you’re in the Hull area, swing by and…

The 5 Hardest Things About Being Vegan

This week, ahead of some research-heavy videos, Ben goes through the 5 hardest things about being vegan in a non-vegan world. Do you agree with the list? Get in touch to share your thoughts!

Running with Vegans

Today, Ben explains why he is personally vegan, whilst finding a new jogging route through Hull.

How to trump Trump: Keeper Vegan

So, today Trump is continuing his corporate-backed assault on the environment, and it seems like there is little we can do to stop him. Check out the video to find out how to undermine the orange goblin’s dastardly plans and save the world! Sources…