We hit 100 subs! Small goal, I know, but it’s a big step towards world domination, and a custom channel URL to boot! To celebrate, here are some early-days bloopers, along with… …something stupid.

Are Vegans More Depressed?

Another day, another poor-quality study being spread about mainstream media like aflatoxin-laced peanut butter on toast. That’s a very specific WFPB-science reference… Anywho, here’s me, ranting about this latest study. I like this one, because I get to use my favourite swear word.  

UK Bans Microbeads!

More good news? Hot damn, we’re on a role at the moment. The UK has announced that they are banning microbeads in cosmetics, with hopefully more to come later on.

Milk Labelled INHUMANE by UK Standards Agency?!

Holy shit, big news guys. I’m still ill. Holy shit, even bigger news guys. Cow’s milk has just been defined as ‘inhumane’ by the ASA. Sort of. Check out today’s show to find out more!

ZDogg MD Response

You know ZDogg? Right? No, me neither. But this week he came out swinging against 2017 documentary What The Health. Well, he actually attacked those responsible for making the film, as well the medical professionals whose research backs the movie up. I responded.

600% More Vegans?!

How many vegans does it take to change a lightbulb? I’m still crunching the numbers on that, but the good news is we have plenty more vegans to work through! A new study shows that there are are 600% more vegans in the US.

How To Fight Climate Change Without the Paris Accord

Okay, so yesterday happened. Trump said he was pulling the States out of the Paris Accord because it was apparently about taking the wealth of the US away. I just…fuck. Well, after I was done ranting and inhaling whiskey, I recorded today’s episode, all about how you (yes you) can fight climate change regardless of…

RIP Sir Roger Moore

Yesterday we received the sad news that Sir Roger Moore has passed away after a brief battle with cancer. In today’s episode, we take a quick look at the man and what he achieved.

Protein; Vegan Kryptonite?

In part one of our four-part series on veganism and masculinity, we’re going straight for the jugular – what is protein? Protein has longed been lauded as the fundamental dietary requirement, and rightly so. Since the 1800s, however, nutritional science and business have crossed the streams and confused the matter, adequate protein consumption being incorrectly…