Antler Protest – Chef Mutilates Deer to Aggravate Vegans

This week a protest at Antler in Canada took a foul turn when the chef and co-owner of a restaurant prepared and ate deer in front of the window where activists were holding a legal and peaceful protest. It’s divided the community, as can be expected, and here I take a quick look into the…

The Problem With Vegans (Dr Shaym Response)

YouTuber Dr Shaym reckons he has the answer to the eternal question – what is wrong with vegans and vegetarians? I have other thoughts. This week I go on a bit of a rant about the video in question, and what the success of channels like this mean for the rest of the internet.

The True Cost of Pork

Fucking nope. This week we take a look at a video doing the rounds on social media that claims pork fat is one of the healthiest foods around. I know, right?

Yogurt Prevents Heart Attacks?!

Another day, another Daily Mail article to smash. Here we go; The offending article –¬†  

FebruDairy – a PR Disaster

What happens when the dairy industry tries to fight back with their own rendition of Veganuary? Another fantastic month for veganism, that’s what. Less science today, but a chance to do a happy video, so I’ll take it.

Is High Fat High Health?

You know the drill, another day, another study. This time, we’re being told by a study that was funded by pharmaceutical companies says we should eat lots of fat. Hmm…