Tasty Tuna Sandwich (vegan)

This one isn’t mine, it was shown me by a friend. While I try and track down the original recipe-maker, give it a try!

You will need:

  • Two tins of chickpeas
  • Two nori (seaweed) sheets
  • One pickled gherkin
  • 1 tbsp of rice/malt vinegar
  1. Drain the chickpeas (keeping the water for other recipes) and add them to your mixing bowl
  2. Dice up the gherkin into really fine chunks, and add these to the bowl as well
  3. Hold the nori sheets above the mixing bowl, and crumble them up into it. Try to avoid leaving any large bits.
  4. Take a potato masher, and mash the ingredients together in the bowl. Yes, you could probably do this with a mixer/food processor, but to do it with the masher is character building. Get on with it.
  5. At some point you’ll lose interest, look elsewhere and when you glance back, you’ll find the bowl has been replaced with one full of tuna. I promise you, this is not real tuna, it is the ingredients you were mashing before. It just REALLY looks and smells like tuna.
  6. Once the tuna is a good consistency, chuck in the vinegar and stir it in.

And that’s it. Perfect for sandwiches, sushi or pasta.


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