The KV Blog; Without the EU, we all have a job to do

So, yesterday, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Whether or not you are happy with the result, there is now work to be done by everyone.
One of the three key focuses of being vegan is an invested concern in the environment and the animals and plants living within it. Now, a lot of the environmental changes we have seen over the past few decades have come from EU policies; directives for cleaner air, cleaner beaches, protected wildlife zones which alone house not only animals, but naturally occurring solutions to carbon sequestration and flood defence. A lot of good has come out of the EU as far as our natural surroundings and geographical health is concerned, but now we will no longer be subject to those rules.
That is why, over the coming years, we have to fight any plan to take away funding from wildlife protection, we have to fight any designs on bulldozing protected green areas for commercial development, we have to fight any time money takes precedence over our natural environment. We have to do this because now we are the only people who will.
So keep an eye on the news, on your local parks and the smog in the air, because whether or not you wanted to remain in the EU, or you voted to leave, we will ALL suffer should the UK be allowed to reacquire its name as The Dirty Man of Europe.

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