This is Keeper Vegan

Oh shit, you made it.

Keeper Vegan is a safe space for libtard snowflakes and their hippie agenda. Just kidding – it’s mostly science and swearing.

Keeper Vegan is a resource for you, as vegans wanting support or non-vegan wanting more information. I’m bringing you science and facts about nutrition, the environment and the welfare of the animals themselves.

You can find documentaries, news and responses to current events over on the YouTube channel, recipes for great delicous vegan food and comics and slides with facts and shitty drawings here on the site, and you can even join the Keeper Vegan Cult (not a cult) by supporting the show on Patreon.

You got questions? Hit me up. Feedback? Give me a shout. Criticisms?

I’ll let you intuit my response to that.